pup1aka Tuck, Chuck Charlie and Tucker-roo, is a happy 15 month old, neutered red tri male with lots of leg and energy.  Tuck is bright and inquisitive and has wonderful dog on dog social skills.  He would be very happy sharing his home with another dog - either male of female.  He is still a little unsure of himself with people, but is friendly and outgoing with most people.  Tucker loves going to Home Depot or the local pet stores and getting all that attention.  He has basic obedience training and is pretty good walking on leash and is even beginning to volunteer walking at heel off leash.  He is house trained, crate trained and a good traveler.  Tucker is fascinated by telephones and seems to think he should do something wTucker Standinghen they ring.  He might be a good candidate for hearing assistance work as he matures.  He loves to play and snuggle and is submissive with people and other dogs.

Tucker would be a good candidate for trail riding, agility, tracking, or any other activity that uses all that energy and smarts.  He has lived with children, but is probably a little too much for very small children.  He doesn't like cats, lawnmowers or skateboards though he is getting better about lawnmowers and skateboards.