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paw Who Do I Train?

We work primarily with people who own dogs that express problem behaviors such as biting, anxiety, excessive barking, resource guarding, house training, etc. We will work with any breed, but specialize in herding breeds such as all types of Collies, Healers, Corgis, McNabs, Kelpies and herding dog mixes.

paw Where Do I Train?

We will work at your home with you to help you learn how to listen to your dog and choose the most effective method to help your dog to learn to be a successful dog in a human society. The methods we use are positive and do not depend on specialized gear. A flat collar, leash and a clicker are all that are required. That together with appropriate rewards and a willingness to let go of your preconceptions and to listen to your dog are all that are required.


The first session includes an evaluation of your dog and your current relationship. We will then review learning theory and some methods that will help you manage troublesome behaviors for your most immediate concerns. This session may last from one to three hours and we will send you a written summation of our recommendations. Our fee for the first session is $100 and includes the written report, training materials and a clicker.


paw Sessions:

Additional sessions are one hour in duration and focus on specific behaviors or management techniques. Each additional hour is $50. We are also available for telephone consultations for which there is no charge for calls less than one half hour in duration.

paw Consultation:

For a preliminary consultation and to set up an appointment call or e-mail:

503-908-1869 / 503-803-7750 or windbiter@yahoo.com

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