Jake Jake StandingMarvin is about as cute and adorable as it is possible. He is about 11 months old, reasonably well trained and aside from being cute, he is cheerful, funny and active. His previous owner spent a ton of money on tests and as of December of last year he was in perfect health. Except for a couple of minor issues. As you can tell from his pictures, he is a homozygous blue merle. As a result, he is mostly blind and is deaf in his left ear. He can hear you, he just can't tell which direction the sound is coming from. He loves children, other dogs, cats and people in general. Marvin is crate trained, rides beautifully in the car, and is house trained. There is still a bit of puppy in him so he likes to pick things up and will chew if he is bored. It is highly possible that he would make a perfect therapy dog in a professional setting. It would be pretty hard to see someone as cheerful as Marvin is and not feel that you just need to get a grip. Oh yes - he loves to give kisses. It would be a plus if potential adopters have some experience with blind or deaf dogs, but it isn't absolutely necessary.

I have taken Marvin to OHSU a few times and he is a natural as a therapy dog. If you don't want to deal with him, he stands well back and is very polite. If you need dog hugs or kisses, he is right in there with the snuggles and kisses. Children, old folks and even one Dr. who was having a bad day. All were on the receiving end of his attention and love.

I took Marvin out to Brigand's hideout and had them evaluate him on sheep. WOW! He may not have all his sight and hearing, but he has all the talent. Once he figured out that there were sheep to move, he settled right into the job. He is more Border Collie than Aussie in his working style and if you didn't mind doing a little work with him, he would be a great helpmate on a small farm. He prefers to circle the stock clockwise, but many dogs are handed so that is not unusual. He will switch sides if needed.

So, our ideal home would be one that used him for therapy work and gave him a chance to work stock as well.