paw Grooming is Necessary


Grooming is necessary for your dog's health.  Regular grooming allows you to spot early signs of pests or skin problems.  Constant scratching is not only uncomfortable for your dog, it is difficult for the family to live with as well.  Also, a freshly bathed dog is a joy to pet and snuggle with.  Regular brushing keeps loose hair under control.

paw Professional Grooming

We recommend that even if your dog sees a professional groomer regularly, that you take the time to brush your dog yourself.  Regular grooming is a training aide as well in that it reinforces the bond between owner and dog.  Accustoming your dog to handling of ears, teeth and feet will make trips to the vet or professional groomer less stressful.  There are easy, safe, positive methods for helping your dog to enjoy your touch.  We will be glad to share.

paw Recommended Groomers

Zimmers Grooming Salon
7437 N Leavitt Ave
Portland, OR 97203

Well established, professional, exceptionally reasonable prices, flexible, and I've never had my dog come back so happy as when she comes from Zimmers. These guys really know how to take care of dogs, keep them calm, and my dog never has a bad hair day!

Southgate Boarding and Grooming Holistic Pet Food & Supplies
Owner: Cyndee Eikenberry
7843 SE King Road
Milwaukie, OR 97222

These are the folks I take Charlie to. He really likes them, they do an excellent job and the price is reasonable. Charlie is a dust mop, but I have watched them do others and they seem to do a really good job on every breed I have seen them work on. If I needed to have one of my Aussies done professionally, I would not hesitate taking them there. I don't know if it will mean much, but please use my name when you go in.



paw Recommended Vets

Portland Animal Clinic
Paul Tulacz, DVM
1755 SW Madison Street
Portland, OR 97205

This is our new vet. I was really unhappy with my previous vet. The corporate "client-as-revenue-source-who-cares-what-the-dog-needs" attitude was driving me away. Then Casey got sick with Pyometra (infected uterus) and it was an emergency. I emailed her breeder in Washington and got a call at 7:30 the next morning with the order to "Get her in there NOW and they will work with you on payments." I did, they did, the vet came is on his day off to do the surgery and it was about $400 less than what I was quoted at my previous vet. And Casey was able to come home that evening and she has healed up beautifully. My dogs like them, I am treated with respect (they listen and explain what they are doing) they are reasonably priced and they do not use my need as a lever to extort more money. And they worked with us on payments. Please be sure to use my name when you go in.



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