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AnnaWe have owned and been owned by dogs our entire life. Richard grew up with a rough collie and we have subsequently had a Welsh Corgi, an Australian Cattle dog, a Boxer, assorted mixed breeds and of course Australian Shepherds. We have been rescuing dogs since the mid 1980s and have been rescuing mostly Australian Shepherd rescue for almost a decade. In addition to Aussies, we have rescued healers, border collies, shelties, and mixed herding breeds. We currently own four aussies and share the house with three more foster dogs.

We have been training dogs formally for about five years and Richard has been a member of APDT for over three years. Because of our rescue activities we have focused mostly on herding breeds. We have found that these dogs, with their high energy, intelligence, and prey drive tend to have a particular set of issues when asked to be members of non-working households.

In rescue we have had to deal with training issues from our first dogs. Very often the dog's backgrounds are complete mysteries. We have trained dogs that were never house trained, who had never been groomed and were terrified of the brush. We have had dogs that had been abused or were never asked to sit or walk on leash. We have even taken in a dog that had been raised with cats and did not know how to communicate with other dogs.

Through these experiences, we learned that we can listen to what dogs are telling us by observing their body language. We can actually communicate back at them using the same language and help them learn to live and prosper as dogs in our complex human society. Even problem dogs can flourish when they are taught to be contributing partners in our lives. They have so much to offer if we just give them the chance.


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